Servers & security

We use high quality branded servers that we adapt to your needs. Running well-known Windows software will make it possible to interact with other software components or build multiple systems on a common database.

Our servers are set to the manufacturer’s warranty schemes, giving the end user the reliability of a strict “hardware replacement policy” and also allowing for flexibility in extending warranties.

client-server applications


We always operate in a client-server scheme. This means a central server or a pool of servers can be addressed from any Windows-based client connected to the network. Leave the recording and actives-administration to the server; put the operators on client machines.

unlimited storage capacity


Storage is not an issue anymore. If a standard machine does not fulfill your needs, we build an array of storage components that operate as a whole. We can operate locally, remotely and even in a datacenter if needed.

unlimited applications


A server is not dedicated to one application. We can run multiple operations on a single CPU, cutting down the power needs to the desired specifications. In the opposite case, we can combine multiple servers to a unique operation and perform “load balancing” on the server-pool.

secured encrypted data


Advanced network security technologies are defined in the data communication between actives and servers. We can narrow usage by filtering IP addresses, MAC addresses, creating tunnels through HTTPS and SSL connections. By using one or a combination of these techniques, we set security standards extremely high.

failover technology


When using failover techniques, we can assure constant connectivity to your actives. If one server would fail, another would take over the task within a couple of milliseconds. Servers can run these services according to standardized techniques such as “RAID-stripping” or “mirroring” solutions.

multicasting and bandwidth management


Bandwidth is crucial. Our engineers prevent any kind of bandwidth problem by adapting and restricting network usage accordingly. Multicasting is one way of narrowing the network usage. We always assure quality of service at every level of your network, providing constant and secure communication between devices.