About Digital


DIGITAL was founded in Brussels, Belgium. The plan was to train a group of experts on the IP technology and the security market. Five years later, a dedicated team of specialists help customers from all over Europe to build bullet-proof security systems.


DIGITAL is committed to support and consult rather than compete with resellers and installers. The strength of its engineers is their experience in both the electronic security market and the IT industry, making the firm one of the market leaders in the new generation IT-driven electronic security sector.


DIGITAL strives to provide the market with innovative, custom-based security solutions focused on the client’s needs, rather than being another box-mover. Its strategy in designing solutions is based on the level of integration, customer functionality and future-proof scalability.


DIGITAL excels in promoting concepts and building its business on branded products providing top class support, reliability and customization. Its early belief in manufacturers such as Axis, Mirasys and Genetec has been rewarded by strong relationships and shared knowledge between experts.



DIGITAL’s engineers and project managers believe every client’s requirements are unique and therefore every solution starts with a solid foundation and builds up according to standards determined by the client.